1:1 Coaching sessions online – in English


Research shows that the happiest, most fulfilled and successful people on this planet regularly take some time out to reflect upon their lives, goals and dreams. They don’t just settle for a mediocre life. They take full responsibility for it and turn their life into a masterpiece. Step by step.

If you want to follow in their footsteps and feel more empowered every day, then you can start by asking yourself these simple questions:


  • Can I honestly say that I truly enjoy every aspect of my life?
  • Am I aware of my highest potential? Am I reaching it?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied am I with my job, finances, relationships and health?
  • Am I the creator of my life or do I let others design it for me?
  • Do I follow my dreams or does my hectic life prevent me from it?


If you are not satisfied with your answers to these questions, then why not change something? And why not begin right now?



My name is Joanna Pozorska and I am a self-development trainer, a life coach, language coach, and a linguist. I help people in Poland and all over the world (via online tools, such as Skype or Zoom) to create the thriving lives they desire. 

It all starts with a decision. If you feel that you should not or cannot lose any more valuable time living a mediocre life, then let me know which areas of your life need improvement and let’s embark on this beautiful journey of self-discovery together. 

I hold a number of relevant qualifications including a certificate of Erickson Coaching International and a diploma in Positive Psychology post-graduate studies at Sopot University. Self-development and spiritual-development have been my passions since I was a teenager. I am constantly educating myself and gaining new experience in various workshops related to coaching, psychology and mindfulness. 

*Please, note that coaching is not therapy. The goal of coaching is to support you in making specific changes and achieving important goals. It is focused on the future rather than based on healing past wounds or traumas. If this short description resonates with you and you feel you are ready to turn your life into a true masterpiece, then this project is made for you. 

*Before the session, you may send us a short description of the topic or problem you wish to discuss, so that we can start working on the best solutions from the very first meeting. 



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